Those Who Walk Away is the seemingly always changing and ever evolving working group of melodic constructivists that performs and records the music of Matthew Patton.  Among other projects, they are currently working with the composer on the new music score and recording for "Tales From the Gimli Hospital; De-Imagined" for film director Guy Maddin and the tragic and mythical David Reimer project.  Future music will include "The Desecration of Uma Thurman", the Apollo project, and "470 Million Years of Quiet (for James Tenney)".  An opera based on the book "Canticle For Leibowitz" by Walter Miller is also being developed.  Work continues in Winnipeg, Canada and Reykjavik, Iceland.

Those Who Walk Away has included such groups as the Kien string quartet, the Noctorama Philharmonic Orchestra, the Noctorama Philharmonic Choir, and many other excellent musicians.

Those Who Walk Away record music at Nine Tenths Unheard studio in Winnipeg/Reykjavik.

Those Who Walk Away produce film work at Nine Tenths Unseen studio in Winnipeg/Reykjavik.